Co-housing journey with Dan & Erin

After making music in Maryland for 20 + years, we drove away from home on Jan 3, 2023, beginning a new adventure in cohousing. Our first step was to move near where we identified several suitable cohousing communities: Massachusetts. Heartfelt…

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We're happy to announce that this site now uses secure HTTPS. This means that data from you (our visitors) that is sent to our servers is protected via encryption. In any of the places where you can share personal information…

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your theme song

Last week I happened on to an interesting niche of songwriting.  I saw a fb post wherein a casual friend mentioned she needs a theme song for her life.  This was part of a longer post, but something in me…Read more

Halloween Treat

Audience members at our gig last weekend were treated to Halloween goodie bags.  Throughout the night, we asked music trivia questions and gave treats to the winners.  By the end virtually everyone had a goodie bag filled with candy, a…Read more

The Illustrated History of Soulpajamas (abridged)

  600 AD  Pope Gregory the Great codifies & collects the chant, used in Roman Catholic services.  Names it Gregorian Chant in his honor
  850 Western music starts to move from monotony, no, monophony to polyphony with vocal parts in church…

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a rare appearance in Rockville

We have an important gig coming up and we would love to see you there. We play a lot of our favorites from as far back as the 60s & 70s (including songs by Stevie Wonder, Clapton, Doobies, Hall &amp…Read more

underage dancing

A big shout out to everyone who came to hear us at Washingtonian Center/Nando's Spicy Summer Concert Series last weekend.   The weather was perfect.   Lots of families and underage dancing.  Even the security guards, who have a device to…Read more

Extreme weather

Our drummer, Jeff Halverson is, in real life, a severe weather meteorologist.   He was recently cited in this article:

irregular and unpredictable

As you know, the delivery schedule for our email newsletter has been wildly irregular and unpredictable (like us), but we try to send no more than one a month (we're lucky if we do one a quarter - the last…Read more

Indigenous People and the Environment

Today is International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous People are the original stewards of the land. They understood how to honor and maintain bio-diversity and we pushed them out off the land in name of conservation…Read more