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Last week I happened on to an interesting niche of songwriting.  I saw a fb post wherein a casual friend mentioned she needs a theme song for her life.  This was part of a longer post, but something in me clicked when I read the bit about a theme song.

I immediately offered to write her theme song, if she was serious.  I know her well enough to guess what she was after: something uplifting, empowering, maybe like a rock anthem or a mantra set to music (a chant?), but with a good beat that makes you want to move.  It turns out I was pretty close.  She was into it.  I didn't charge anything, I just kinda wanted to see if I could do it. 

Somehow it all just flowed easily and a week later I had a complete song, based on my knowledge of my friend, my intuition and some ideas she gave me. 

I was surprised how fast it came together and very happy with it musically and lyrically.  And, fortunately, my friend loves it!  That's a win/win.  Because I don't refer to her by name in the song, I have been able to use it, singing it a live shows and it's going over well.  I always tell the story, giving her credit for the idea and for providing me with some pithy lyrics (which became the heart of the chorus).

The last time I sang it, someone came up afterward and asked if I would writer her theme song.  She said I should market this and she called it branding. 

Have you ever heard of anyone doing this?  Let me know if you've done it or know someone who does. 

The only similar thing I've ever done is a song I co-wrote one time, years ago.  I was writing a songwriters' blog, Songwriters Tip Jar, and a reader contacted me. He had written a poem for his fiance that he read during their wedding ceremony and he wanted to hire me to put it to music for their 10th anniversary.  That long distance collaboration worked out well, too. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress and after I get permission, I'll post some of the music.

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