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Extreme weather 

Our drummer, Jeff Halverson is, in real life, a severe weather meteorologist.   He was recently cited in this article:

irregular and unpredictable 

As you know, the delivery schedule for our email newsletter has been wildly irregular and unpredictable (like us), but we try to send no more than one a month (we're lucky if we do one a quarter - the last one was sent in April).  So we're doing our bit to keep your inbox free from clutter.  If you're not getting our quarterly emails, sign up here.

In those long barren stretches between emails, if you get an urge to find out what's up with Soulpajamas, you can find our latest calendar of performances, newest videos & downloadable songs here at our home in the cloud. We love it when you visit.

This next bit is for our friends who use gmail. If you don't, you are free to roam about the web site.

You may know that Gmail recently added three tabs to the top of your inbox - Primary, Social and Promotions.

You may have even found our email in Promotions, along with emails from Best Buy, Walmart, and who knows what else.

We hope you enjoy our messages enough to want them to appear in your Primary tab.

Here are some simple things you can do to make sure you see all of our future emails:

1. Open Gmail.
2. Click the "Promotions" tab.
3. Look for any emails from Soulpajamas. When you see one, drag it to the "Primary" folder.
4. A question will pop up asking if you want this done automatically in the future. Click YES.

If you want to completely remove these new tabs:

1. Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and choose "Settings."
2. Click on the "Inbox" tab, then unselect all categories except "Primary."

A great big thanks to Bob Baker for alerting us to this and for his solution (which we blatantly copied).

Michael Stelzner also posted a helpful video that shows how to navigate some of these options.

Watch it here.

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Tornados in Maryland followed by perfect weather 

Jeff's weather predictions all came true: wild weather hit our part of the world Wed and Thursday and cleared up just in time for our Friday outdoor performance at Elk Run Winery

Forget dark, sweaty bars.  Our sweetest gig ever was at Elk Run last night.  The sky was clear, temps were moderate, the wine was great and the views were amazing.  It's always great at an outdoor gig when the audience gets a great view, but in this case both the audience and the band had great views of the vineyards and beyond.  Bucolic.

Wild Weather 

Doesn't every band have an inhouse weather expert?  Jeff is our resident weather professor.  Today he sent this email to the band (our next performance is outdoors at Elk Run Winery on Friday):

Fasten your seatbelts.

1) tonite/early thurs AM - remnants of what might be an Ohio Valley derecho may pass through, although likely in a greatly weakened/disorganized state;

2) tomorrow afternoon - possibly a headliner severe weather event, most likely east of D.C. region - damaging winds, large hail, flash flood and strong tornadoes;

3) thurs nite/Friday AM - cold front w/ strong wind gusts - isolated power outages region-wide as whole trees may fall in water-saturated soils

Friday afternoon/eve - delightful, mid-upper 70s, sunny, breezy

Music starts at 6 (also delightful, sunny and breezy).

Elk Run Winery and Vineyards
15113 Liberty Road
Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Name your price 

You can now name your price. We're experimenting with a new flexible pricing structure for song and album downloads. That means you can choose to pay the standard 99 cents per song or a smaller amount. It's entirely up to you.

And we would be remiss if we didn't mention that you can also choose a price higher than 99 cents. Your choice.  It all goes toward recording our next CD.

The flexible pricing on Soulpajamas downloads is not available on iTunes or anywhere else. Try it here: music |

Say 'yes' to everything 

Rule #1 for improv (in comedy and acting) is ‘say yes to everything.’

This might be a good New Year’s resolution for me. Should I say yes to everything that presents itself? It’s not that I want to commit myself to lots of additional, well, commitments, but it’s a reminder to be open to new directions, new people, new ways of being. And to not shut out new opportunities before giving them a fighting chance.

In 2012 Soulpajamas said yes to John and Jeff and we doubled the size and sonic palette of the band. We are grateful for the addition of these two fine musicians. At this point 2013 is a blank page. Stick around to see what the new Soulpajamas says yes to in the coming weeks.